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CONVICTED criminals on death row will eventually be executed in compliance with the order of the court, according to Attorney-General and Justice Minister Davis Steven.
“Those who have already (been sentenced to receive the death penalty) would be subject to the court order and court orders are to be complied with,” he said. “Executing the death penalty is not an option, it has to happen.”
Steven said the issue before the National Executive Council was the mode of execution.
“We have it in our laws but the only (problem is) the mode of execution,” he said.
“The NEC will review the law that imposes and recognises this penalty.
“That’s the question that’s going to the Constitutional Law and Reform Commission (CLRC).
“Those who have already been found guilty and condemned by a court order, (they) will have to be dealt with.
“Those who are now on the death penalty, who have exhausted their appeals and all the other processes, we have no choice, (but) to go ahead and execute them.” He said whether or not the death penalty issue continued to be part of our law in terms of the criminal justice system, “that’s what our citizens must answer under the Judicial and Legal Services Commission process”.


  • It’s a good call by the Deputy PM. PNG is a so-called Christian nation only in name but not in real practice. If we want to use Christianity as a front to cover our moral decays and social upheavals, we would be only lying to ourselves and our future generations. This country is a critical development crossroad therefore it needs tougher new laws to guide us into the years ahead.

  • Let God alone who gives life take life!!. Criminals are human beings who can and will change one day. So please, please. please encourage life in prison rather than death penalty.

  • All of yous who speak against Death Penalty: Get this straight, we’re all Christians here: Its NOT the government’s decision to take anyone’s life here; THE SAYING GOES WE BECOME THE PRODUCT OF OUR CHOICES
    (God is no Fool, You will reap exactly what you saw-Biblical).


    I STRONGLY SUPPORT: Those who have already (been sentenced to receive the death penalty) would be subject to the court order and court orders are to be complied with,” he said. “Executing the death penalty is not an option, it has to happen.”


  • Who is righteous and holy enough in this country to execute and take out the life of an other human-being? Even the Son God and Saviour of all mankind denied the stoning to death of a prostitute woman by His followers even He Himself is holy and Righteous man enough to permit that to happen. Forget about the death penalty and give life imprisonment if the person was guilty and deserves death penalty. Let God be the judge in our lives.

  • Can the Good member Hon. Davis Steven come with alternatives or options to substitute death penalty. With the rooted religious concept we have will make it an issue for the executor (implemeter). I mean the executor must be from other country.

    What if death penalty is executed and the person is found innocent after he or she is Death. Will they bring him to life again?

  • Let not this death penalty be a law in our beloved country, just sent convicted prisoners to life years in prison with hard labor. They are human beings and they will change one day to be a good person. Put strict rules and let them feel that what they have done is wrong and they will come to a turning point to change. To conclude, please death penalty is not a good idea.

  • Death penalty is not the answer, just the answer is simple that The Lord, the Creator said, in the beginning, when Cain murdered Abel, a righteous man, I will take reverge on whoever kills Cain, that means the Lord does not want anyone to kill a murderers, wants forgiveness must take place, for that is what Jesus is all about…

  • Give them life sentence without any parole. That should be the ultimate punishment. No freedom!

  • Death penalty- Quick escape from their sentence, they won’t actually serve their sentence and learn anything. They’ll be gone, we’ll remain and keep complaining.
    Life sentence- a dreadful life-long pain deserved by that person. Give him that instead. He might learn a thing or two

  • Convicted prisoners who have committed serious offences should be sent to life imprisonment. This is a good punishment because it deprives them of many aspects of living a normal life. They will suffer from their evil deeds naturally. Let PNG remain a christian country, no death penalty has been implemented yet and let it be like this. Look at Australia. It doesn’t have this law. Why in PNG we have to do this? Repeal the death penalty law completely from the constitution.

    • Mr Numdle. We are an Independent Nation.We are not under Australian Colony anymore. We will not be dictated by Australia or any country, PNG makes it’s own decision for the people of this country

  • Yes, Jackson that is true as only the ones without money will be go through death penalty and the ones with money will escape the death penalty so please discourage death penalty as our justice system is not right.

  • Life sentence is more than enough a penalty at maximum. How can a so called christian country to take away a life created by God in His Own Image? PMJM is an SDA highly active church member, seen him praying before 8m + his people. How can his Government accept this? If this bill was passed by the previous government, PMJP now has the authority to uphold as a Christian or to destroy. Lets wait and see.

  • God’s only begotten Son died to save sinners-human beings, even the ones deserving death penalty. You and I, including the judges in court rooms are the same-sinners, no matter how righteous you claim to be in man’s or your own eyes.: God’ sees and loves us as we are sinners. I support life sentence and not death penalty.

  • Guys do yourselves favor and listen to yourselves-THIS ISNT ABOUT PLAYING GOD.


  • Murderers ,rapist and other insane and aggressive people are sick people ,get some health specialist to do thorough brain scanning while keeping them bars and you will definitely realize that ,there are part of the brain cell or neuro stem cells are either destroyed or have huge fragmentation and holes in it.. If brain cells can grow back ,I think there is a possibility to rehabilitate those sick human people. Most people destroyed their brain cells by the way they eat ,or sins of their genetic inheritance from grand parents ,parents etc ,social settings they grow up around,friends they associate with etc,etc. You don’t just hang people find alternative ways to rehabilitate them ,they could be useful .Bush marn tintin tasol hehehe . Find the right cell growing food/medicine food and anti inflammation food that can help them heal, work closely with the health authority on this issue . I am sure you will find result …

  • The death penalty in PNG should not and must not happen now or in the future even though is it in our law. For what justification will bring but more pain and sorry. It is not wise for the Minister of Justice to capitalize on the nation’s current emotional instability regarding death Jennelyn and all other females in PNG who have been killed for various reasons. Rather should look into the root causes and come up with alternatives that will minimize the horrendous crimes that are committed by individuals.

  • Well those Law beakers deserve death penalty. Lets look at other countries such as USA, China, Britain, Canada, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore which most are Christians and few are not Christians and imposes death penalty in their countries have less law and order problem in their country. The moment one breaks a Law of the country, he or she faces the death penalty. I for one I dont want to die, I want to dwell freely in this democratically free country. If I take an innocent live I must also meet the same fate , is the death penalty. In order to have a free democratic country, we must impose death penalty so people will think twice before taking someones life.

  • Forget about the dead penalty. After all those with money will bribe and escape for death penalty like some politician are doing it. Because PNG Judicial system is a root of corruption in which government and its politician are interfering and death penalty issue will be on bias. Civil war/cries will be the next Level of issue in PNG if government blindly put in to effective. Discourage it and life imprisonment will the best option.

  • Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth!
    When you take a life, your life must be taken from you.
    Serving for life does not wash because the innocent people of PNG still paying for their upkeep in prison.
    I would rather pay tax to help the unfortunate, but not to feed the condemed in prison.

    • The Courts have decided and there are inmates condemned and are on death row (ready to die).

  • I think Death Penalty is Ok and NEEDS to be Executed as soon as possible because the Criminal activities are getting out of end. Our Correctional Service Systems in this country are not functioning well are criminal elements who are put behind bars serving life imprisonment and those serving 10 years or more are breaking out of jails are are continuing to behave the same and even worse causing more law and order problems for our communities. If they can change their lives in prison and break out of jails now and then, i support the Attorny General’s call to be implemented ASAP.

  • Now we are talking about the death penalty and people are jumping up and down, lets not argue with the government. let the government make that decision because killings are now occurring too frequently,people don’t fear, let them face the full force of the law.

    Furthermore, killing must also apply to those people who misappropriate government’s fundings for the country. because of their misappropriation people die because of none availability of Gov’t services like health and roads etcetera. So like their action is is classified as genocides. So the politicians with bureaucrats who misappropriate funding must also face death penalty. Their action indirectly contributed to genocides of innocent people around the country.

  • Amend and repeal the death penalty law and impose life year as a maximum penalty for serious offenders. PNG is a developing Christian nation and we still need to learn and depend on our closest developed countries like Australia and New Zealand who don’t have such penalties.

  • Law of ordinary plesman vs Law of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea Vs Law of False Prophets …etc

    Stop all the rhetoric!

    Let justice take its course….’BK’ now should be an example, die by firing squad.

  • Find the right means to execute. Death Penalty must be done to those dangerous murders.

  • No man of this world is perfect and righteous so let the nature itself take course. just let them spend their life time in prison camp with hard labor. Men was created from dust particles and make a lot of mistakes but they are meant for change so they can change while serving the term in prison.

  • Death penalty is not the solution to these problems, the only option is giving life imprisonment with hard labor because it is against our Christian principles. Otherwise, to permanently eradicate these moral problems like murder, stilling and rape, we should give more efforts in defining our Constitutional laws that govern these unlawful acts or educate our young generation to be the change for better tomorrow.

  • This is another SWEET TOK from this Government,say something now and disappear next minute.If you really mean something you take action.Other wise no trust at all.You trying to make all nation happy by saying lies.

  • Is EXECUTION FOR DEATH PENALTY the only means by way of seeking justice? Who will execute the Death Penalty in PNG given the fact that this nation is a CHRISTIAN COUNTRY? More questions to ask so please think of other alternatives before jumping…

  • The government should impose death penalty.
    Let there be an example to our future generation so those violence we preached every day must STOP at some point !!!.
    We adopt laws and systems from western (abroad) where our tradition and cultures are fast fading.
    Even in the Bible where it says; “Man are the family head” is no longer existing.
    Christ died for the whole world and saves man kind, It is only right for those on death row to be executed to save PNG.

  • People don’t seem to care about other people…dead penalty is the only way to teach us a good lesson.
    I don’t like to see people talking about Christianity…It’s all bullshit because of our actions. So dead penalty is the right call for a country like Papua New Guinea because LAW breakers are arrogant and ignorant.

  • Life imprisonment is long-suffering to the prisoner and also a burden to taxpayers whilst death penalty is a fast ride to heaven. Think you want the prisoner to live the rest of his life desperate for freedom behind bars or adding more dependency load to the hard working tax payers or simply repent of their sins and die peacefully and enter God’s kingdom as the prisoner who was hanged on the right side of Christ.

  • Family members of victims should be given the last say whether the death penalty should carry or openly forgive the criminal and sentence be changed to life imprisonment.

  • Not all deserve such. Some have been failed by the system. Others have been wrongfully accused. Have mercy on them. They may change and become better people some day. Let God alone have his way.

  • Send the criminals to life imprisment very harsh conditions. Let them to live and die slowly with great pain and suffering.

  • Death penalty is legal for instance in the US or in India. And yet, crime rates have never declined. Criminals are not afraid of death penalty, especially in a cowboy country like PNG. If you demand death penalty, then corruption should also be punishable by death. But that would mean that people like Paraka, O’Neill, Namah, Wingti…and many more 5 star figures in PNG would be on the death toll.
    The best thing is for the government to invest more money into a maximum prison facility with high and thick brick walls, and not just surrounded by barb wire. Turn death sentences into life time sentences without parole. Criminal don’t deserve to live in society. But as society we have no right to kill a criminal…not even the state.
    The way Mr. Steven talks about carrying out the death penalty sounds easy, but believe me….we are in PNG. You kill some murderer from Tari in the jail in Bomana, and the police station in Tari and Maybe also in Lae will be going up in flames. Family and tribesmen stick together, even if their brother is a criminal.
    So NO to death penalty. But YES to life imprisonment in high security facilities.

  • Thanks Independent Observer – message acknowledge.

    Kill one now and see everything into chaos.. this is PNG.

  • For goodness sake we don’t want penalty to be executed in this so-called Christian country! The right to take away a person’s life is the prerogative of the Creator LORD Almighty. Our good Members of Parliament should know the Bible very well. The LORD is merciful and willing to forgive even the most wanted criminal and worst sinner as it shown as an example for us on the cross of Calvary Jesus Christ told the worst sinner that today he is with Him in Heaven! How amazing and wonderful is the sound of that saying to the ear of that worst sinner! If a person on death has confessed, repented and given his ilfe to Jesus and is executed those who will be executing that person will be held responsible. Please our good MPs don’t try to imitate the United States and execute a living soul which is the image of God. Our good MPs please think twice and let the prisoners on death row complete their life year in prison and die a natural death. Nothing is impossible with God. If He is willing, He can take a person on death who believed in Him and is executed, He will surely resurrected him to eternal life.

  • Execute them, it is by law and also part of our ancestors tradition. Nothing new.
    Also, keep them in life sentence with parole will still be in our disadvantage. They will be using up funds allocated to them, whilst they may do anything/influence other inmates to do other illegal activities in prison.

  • What are we all talking about, the government itself have indirectly impose the death penalty already, by not paying out operational grant and salary to about 70 – 75% of the Christian Church Health Services (CCHS) resulting in closure of this VERY VITAL services to the 85% of our remote populace/communities, isn’t this action by the government of the people not to release these due to CCHS a death penalty, we are withnesing mothers and children dying from not receiving basic and urgent medical, surgical, obstetrics and pediatrics attention. its a HURRAY the government have already pass the bill.

  • Every PNG citizen must know and realize that the Government is the only authority that decides through the legal systems whether to put to death it’s citizen or life imprisonment. Every government is authorized by God (Romans 13: 1 – 7) to decide on what to do with criminals to protect their citizens. Governments must breakdown cultural habits and alliances that a criminal in nature and to step out any practices that may endanger the freedom and self expression of it’s citizens. The government is for all the people and not for a particular tribe, clan or province to hinder the process of legislation to transform PNG in to modern society co-existing with the rest of the world.

  • Nataero- For those of you contributed to this topic about Death penalty, I am challenging you to consult the Holy Bible. Nataero says it all. Thumbs up for your wishful knowledge.The Bible says so, all of you who going against the Death Penalty must migrate to Australia or New Zealand and enjoy your life there ,rather than contributing Rubbish/smell pekpek long ol toktok na tinktink blong yupla.

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