Dame can be better than the knight!

Letters, Normal

The National- Monday, January 24, 2011

 THERE is another political option for the next prime minister of PNG, but to accept it you need to explore the art of the possible.

Of course Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare could carry on and set a record in office that will be unbeatable in PNG and Commonwealth politics.

But, if he was really serious about elevating the status of PNG women in his twilight years, he might consider giving his job to the best performing MP in government, Dame Carol Kidu.

The dame, as an MP, has no equal. Her actions always speak louder than words.

And Dame Carol is ably supported by a good department secretary who assist her to run a more effective state agency than most of her ministerial peers.

Such decisive action by Sir Michael would be full recognition of the tireless efforts of the lone woman MP in parliament, who has been one of PNG’s best lawmakers of recent times.

This would no doubt upset the men in parliament, but they’d soon get over it when they saw good governance, accountability, responsibility and sanity return to parliament and government.

I don’t believe Sir Michael will quit politics before the 2012 national elections. But, PNG has the wrong political leadership running the country.

It should not be this way. So, who’s going to do it for PNG?



Reginald Renagi