Despite demotion, Polye shows he is a true leader

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 28, 2010

People like “Silent Tongo” of Hidden Valley (The National, Dec 22) have time and again misconstrued, misinterpreted and misunderstood the logic and ethics behind moves and decisions that are made by great leaders of this land in the likes of Don Polye.
Their ill-construed and misinformed views in this column showed it.
These people lack insight and understanding of the difference between emotionally-driven reaction and logically thought and reasoned thinking.
Contradicting reasons fuelled by self-centred decision have crippled once powerful politicians in the likes of John Pundari, John Giheno, Sir Iambakey Okuk and many others.
History has shown these tragedies occur when leaders get confused with national interest and their own personal interests.
Sadly, not many have learnt from the past mistakes.
Consider the three MPs who reacted and broke camp.
Now one of them is reported to be weighing his options either to return to the government or to remain with the opposition.
This is a sign of a yoyo MP desperate to cling onto power.
This is not someone showing true leadership.
Given the level of experience in the opposition, Sir Puka Temu is obviously not the choice for PM.
Sir Mekere Morauta once lured Pundari and promised him the deputy PM’s post.
Sadly, just after two months in office, Pundari was dumped.
A typical PNG politician would not be able to swallow his pride for being dumped.
He would show his frustration and humiliation by crossing the floor in parliament.
But Polye did nothing of that sort.
Instead, he has put national interest ahead of his own.
He would stress on the importance of political stability, promoting investor confidence, economic growth and refined economic policies.
He respected decisions and accepted his demotion.
Polye has always performed to the best of his abilities.
He is a leader who has built his foundation on solid ethics.
This is hard to achieve.
Polye has shown the greatest political maturity recently.
He has the charisma that can bind leaders together.
Polye has, unlike other leaders, experienced so much political turbulence and amazingly, he has taken these as stepping stones.
Anything that happens from now on will only make him smarter and wiser.
Polye might not be the acting prime minister but he is the leader of the NA highlands region.

Justin Minawaley