Disappointed with Hunters selections


I AM disappointed with SP PNG Hunter’s coach Matthew Church and assistant coach Stanley Tepend.
It was revealed that Church picked 8 new players from Lae Tigers to be on the train and trial squad for the 2022 season.
For the replacement of Edwin Ipape, Church again opted for Lae Tigers’ Joshua Lau, who is out on injury.
We understand that Tepend may have played a pivotal role and influence in selecting players from Lae Tigers given his past position a head coach of Tigers.
Did we forget the other Digicel franchise cup teams who took part in Digicel Cup as well?
I reckon there are many good players to be picked from other teams rather than focusing on only one team.
Fans have been urging the coach to consider other players who are in their best form in the likes of Gary Lo, who was once a Queensland Intrust Super Cup top try scorer.
Why aren’t such players considered?
The continuous undermining of potential players will make people lose confidence in the Tepend-Aiton-Church team in the next season.

Hunters Fan,