District hears first court cases

National, Normal

The National, Friday October 18th, 2013


THE Komo-Margarima district in Hela had its first district court proceedings for criminal and civil cases on Wednesday.

It brought much relief for village court magistrates and officials, who had handled cases and faced sleepless nights to maintain peace and order.

Acting Margarima police station commander Snr Const Edward Atopare and his police officers welcomed the court officials.

Atopare said people need not waste their pigs and money on compensation as a means to settle disputes but approach police or obtain summons through the court.

“You do not need to travel to Tari or Mendi now, the district court officials are right at our doorsteps and people must respect the court,” he said.

Upper Wage LLG president Jalo Hape thanked the officials and said the community was “really happy”.

“There are many cases which people have given up after numerous attempts due to transportation and other costs. Today, this is good news to the people of Margarima as they will no longer travel many  miles and waste resources to pursue their cases,” he said.