Doctor: Rule vital measure to stop spread of Delta


THE 21-day quarantine rule has been the most important measure preventing the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Delta variant in the country, National Pandemic Response Deputy Controller Dr Daoni Esorom says.
This was in response to concerns raised in the business community about the quarantine rule for fly-in-fly-out workers and its impact on business operations.
“I know businesses have had their reservations and issues to do with the 21-day (quarantine) but if we do the measures properly, isolate people properly, it will save us money and it will also help businesses from spending money on people (employees) who are sick and loss of time at work,” Dr Esorom said.
“For us, it is important that we keep the people of this country safe.
“We have been in touch with the extractive industry, due to their fly-in-fly-out arrangement and due to the critical nature of their operations, we have given them seven days in quarantine.
“But, we have also discussed with them to create bubbles offshore before they come in. We have different arrangements with the different industries and companies.
“For some companies, we have agreed they do a 14-day quarantine offshore as a bubble and get tested as part of the requirement and when they come in, we quarantine them for seven days. So, we test them when they come in and re-test them on exit after seven days. That’s for the extractive industry and this is the industry that brings in a lot of direct foreign investment.
“The priority is that we protect this country and work with businesses to make sure that all their workers are fully vaccinated.”