Don’t use God’s name in vein


I dislike it when I hear people say “Oh My God” to emphasise their feeling of shock, fear, show-off, or to even make promises.
There are thousands of other words to substitute the divine word when expressing their feelings, yet the impotent hypocrites choose the holy word which doesn’t store any sense at all.
If you are such a kind who deliberately use the phrase just to emulate the whites in order to impress others to be seen as a westernised individual, bear in mind that you are no more than a native rodent hiding and creeping under a canopy stretched out by the whites.
Literally you are not going to alter your nature and change the course of your rightful place beneath the shades of white racists where you truly belong.
The Afghans speak English in their own genuine accent so as the Indians, Russians, Italians or the Chinese and so forth.
So why should we.
Try to invent or do things in our own ways for our own good, so we would draw better satisfactory conclusions in our foreseen future for our nation.
Our heavenly father had protected and saved us from the recent and ongoing Covid-19 epidemic crisis.
It is our individual duty to indulge ourselves in the Holy Scriptures in the bible.
Clearly, it states in the commandments where our almighty God forbids us to not pronounce his holy name unnecessarily.
Follow our God’s will and don’t mock Him.
Be original not counterfeit.



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