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A MAGISTRATE had to adjourn a court proceeding for some time yesterday so that security officers could clear a crowd wanting to see the man who last week allegedly killed his partner.
The crowd had built up from the morning outside the Waigani courthouse in Port Moresby, eager to see Bosip Kaiwi, 25, who is facing a wilful murder charge.
He is alleged to have caused the death of his partner Jenelyn Kennedy, 19, who police alleged died on Tuesday last week after days of beatings at their home in Korobosea.
Kaiwi arrived in an unmarked police vehicle under tight security and escorted into the court’s holding cell. There was a piece of cloth on his head to cover his face.
When he was brought into the courtroom, Committal Court Magistrate Tracy Ganaii adjourned proceedings so that police and court security officers could to clear the crowd outside the courtroom.
Court proceedings resumed after about 30 minutes, with Magistrate Ganaii explaining to Kaiwi the committal process and reading him the charge, which he said he understood.
Police prosecutor Chief Inspector Polon Koniu set July 30 for Kaiwi’s next court appearance.
Kaiwi, 25, of Minj village, South Waghi, Jiwaka, is facing one count of wilful murder. He allegedly, between June 18 and 23, tortured his wife Jenelyn, at their home at Section 7, Allotment 6, along Pipigari Street in Korobosea.
Jenelyn died last Tuesday. Police alleged that when Kaiwi realised that she had died, he and his friends took her body to the Port Moresby General Hospital, left it at the emergency department, and quickly departed.
A doctor on duty pronounced her dead. Her relatives were contacted to come to the hospital to identify her. A report was lodged with the police criminal investigation division homicide squad at Boroko.
Kaiwi surrendered himself at the 6-Mile police station. He was taken to the Boroko police station for questioning. He was formally arrested and charged on June 25.


  • Why wasting time going to courts? The culprit has admmited that he has commited the murder. What more information does court want from him? He should be now in Bomana serving his term. Cant really understand why courts are setting next date of hearing and all sorts of things. Evidence is right there and courts are still playing turn and twist tactics. Sending murderer to Bomana wont even heal the pain relatives of Jenelyn have for rest of their lifes. Therefore this devil possessed animal minded man should send to prison right away and let him rot in the prison.

  • “Kaiwi arrived in an unmarked police vehicle under tight security and escorted into the court’s holding cell. There was a piece of cloth on his head to cover his face.”

    He’s a criminal and should be treated just like any other ordinary criminal

  • Wasting time going to Court, just get him kill him also, why he will stay life and the woman will be buried?
    He is no need on this planet Earth, just kill him cause he himself mention already that he is second LUSSFER SATAN.



  • he is innocent until proven guilty according to law, as per s. 37 of the Constitution. Hence, direct and credible evidences must be furnished in order for him to be indicted at the National Court and convicted to serve his imprisonment terms in jail.

    “Where there is no law and order, there is no justices, for justices according to law is what we called for”…. ADM

  • eye for an eye is the best form of justice and it has been practiced in PNG for over 50,000 years.

    nothing satisfies the victims unless its eye for an eye – that is the minimum standard.

    the duty to bring justice is in the hands of the girls clan – that is the father and brothers – this is PNG law in every tribe.

    We have never had police or courts in PNG before. The role of police and courts have been performed by the men of the clan.

    It will be interesting to hear the decision.

  • Why does the court had to defer the case, he is a murderer, admitted himself so why defer the case so he can get his lawyer? Cannot understand this please, He is a devil in disguise, just send him to Bomana he does not deserve to live a normal life because he is not human.

  • Search the today’s PNG Loop Page on Heading “Kaiwi Transferred to Boman”.
    Both officers next to him seems to be having fun, full of smiles.
    What good did this culprit did.So distracting seeing him looking relax while Jenelyne’s Family are in great pain at this point of time.
    Samting Blo belhat ya..

  • Death Penalty…What gives you the right to take someone else’s??? Yu go…Bomana is waiting for you…Plis die lo hap.

  • Judiciary system in PNG was not designed to protect its citizens. Even though the evidences are the system will say NOT GUILTY UNTILL PROVEN.. PNG going backward. This is not funny. Take a closer look and make some amendments.

  • He is innocent outside unless he admits in court. then he will be guilty.
    It is not the same as layman thinks. He can admit outside of court and then deny in court. What is said in court if official and will decide his fate either guilty or not.

  • Innocent Blood spilt in is your hands; what measure does taking a life equate to, to the deeds of the person who died a terrible death?……..guilty or not you shall live a haunted life…….your life and freedom will never be the same when you were totally innocent/not guilty….. admit and accept punishment and seek forgiveness, you will be relieved for a while…….

  • PNG Women lives matter and justice for Jenelyn Kennedy!!!

    Asking for Justices for Jenelyn Kennedy means asking justice to all girls and women who are subjected to brutal and reckless acts of men in PNG. To send a clear message to all men who are abusing and brutaly treating girls and women in the country and beyond, justice must be served. Otherwise, PNG will not stop counting victms like Jenelyn Kennedy. Therefore, the court must reach the verdict as soon as possible. Giving a verdict early helps restore the trust on the legal system of the nation, bridge the divide among socities of the country and start the healing of broken hearts of families and friends.

    I am making my plea to the assigned judges to prioritize this case because the issue is beyond Jenelyn Kennedy. The world is watching and you have an obligation to restore the image of the justice system of your country.

  • Whoever the lawyer defending the murderer Kaiwi, remember that the blood of Late Jenelyn Kennedy is passed on to your hands and you will reap all the bad curses. Kaiwi will be a freeman.

  • It’s taking on all the PN Guineas’ nerves. We can’t sympathize and tolerate such animalistic behaviour. All of us have sisters and mothers and we are feeling for them when we read and see what has happened to such a beautiful lady.

    He has tarnished a terrible and a bad image for this country, province and region. He deserves death if found guilty.

    AN APPEAL to all men of this beautiful nation. LOVE WOMEN AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

  • Kaiwi’s forgot that he have mothers and sisters, his decision has put the life of his family in danger.. Court can prove you guilty/not guilty but PNG’s attitude of payback systems will always remain.

  • How can a criminal be driven around escorted by improperly dresses guards who wear rubber thongs and look to not be wearing Police uniforms?
    Papua New Guinea is watching all this play out in the particular murder case.
    The main Bodies here are the:
    1. Perpetrater
    2. Courts (Justice System)
    3. Police (Law)
    4. CIS

    Which one is going to Fail the PNG Justice system via corruption and fraudulent deals by the perpertrater?
    Whichever body fails the Justice system MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE and PUNISHED for diverting the cause of Justice!

  • Hi everyone. I wanted to highlight this.. has anyone realised the so called GBV well known associations like Bel Isi and top corporate companies who fund and come out in their corporate colors to march against VAW? Where the fuk are they now? They have gone quite. All those do call expatriate marching and now all have gone hiding. Hypocrites!!! Seriously what these organisations like charities that eat corporate companies funding suddenly gone quiet. Goes to show the hypocrisy shown by these top corporate companies and so called charities.. funny… hypocrisy.. the government is quiet, institutions quiet… business houses quiet… Shame on you all!!! I call on international media, countries, associations to call on and put pressure on Png… enough is enough.. Justice is desired ZNow!! Let’s stand up for humanity and not just women!! Human lives matter!!! Come on media, report responsibly please.. take this to The Hague!!

  • You have the right to be angry but you do not have the right to act in a cruel manner by taking away somebody’s life.

    Our beloved country is hiding under the banner of a Christian country slogan.It is indeed sad that our social structure is breaking down.Such act of violence against our women is uncalled for.

    Tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye is the way to go for such individual as this animal.A death penalty must be applied.We have a very sick society and a questionable justice system with sick rich and corrupt people who pay for justice .I hope it doezn’t happen to this case. You wouldn’t believe, but there is a level of corruption that has cripped into our Judicial system. Money talks!

    Our heart goes to the grieving family of Jenelyn Kennedy.Nothing will replace your loss.You deserve justice.

  • orait, upla pairap natin lo hia,
    igat law blo kantri istap, u kilim man dai, igat panismen blo em. nau u mas titin na toktok. em ba ino inap lo go daarek lo kalabus, em mas behainim ol step. em mas go lo kot pastem lo harim desisen blo em, na judge to ba harim toktok blo perpetrator, olgeta samtin sa kamap wantaim ass blo m, why em kilim meri blo em,?,,

    so upla pasim maus blo upla
    let the justice take its own course, and its judgment,,sapos u wanpla meri tokim pikini blo u, painim gutpla man ba i ken lukautim u gut. ino man igat mani, cargo, car, balus , ship etc,,

    True love is how you act in a relationship with someone. True love is about meeting each other’s expectations and loving each other with trust, acceptance, and support. True love is about treating someone with the kind of respect that they deserve because you view them in a loving manner.

  • There are so many root causes involved in this case of Jenelyn Kennedy, lets give time to the justice department to go through the process of investigating the root causes so we may put control in place for the betterment of the this generation/next generation. there are reasons why this happened, the worse we see today, the best result we may get………

  • Thanks Castro, you stated clearly and its acknowledge. Yes we have our frustration but there’s always process and procedure in place that people carry out this case or any case must follow.

    Its time we parents must educate our families.

  • Let me remind all readers that such behavior is uncalled for in our society and this animal to die also as the innocent young woman.
    Justice please do the right thing and speed up the court process so that families of late Jenelyn can have some peace

  • OK what we need to get ourselves cleared with is JUSTICE will only be done until both side of the stories are being heard by the Courts. Bosip Kaiwi will not kill his wife in the manner he did because there is a REASON behind, that one we all need to understand.You the family members of late Jenneylnes’ want JUSTICE right away, sorry that will not turn out that way. Court need to get the stories and evidence from both sides and what really provoke Boship to kill her wife the manner he did and then JUSTICE will come into place so family members of late Jennelyn please have some patience and let the Police and Court carry out their Constitutional duties first.

    • Who does torture their wife for six days, you tell me, even if you wanna bash your wife because you are upset for some reason you may do it for a couple of minutes or hours and not for 6 days, beat her, take her to shower down the blood on her body, take her out for a ride, come back to the house and continue beating her, is that human?

  • Media paparazzi, large crowd, police escort…Wow.. what a reminisent of a hollywood actor. Coincidentally Kaiwi is one with his violent acts, but this is real not the one all would like to view. He derserve to face the consequences of his deeds and we all hope that justice does prevail.

  • Apo Dus & Castro mi agree wantaim utla, very true and that’s the process taken by the police and the courts/judiciary system. Similar with any offence committed you will have to stand trial to prove your innocence until proven guilty then bai u mas go savim taim blo u lo haus kalabus olsem court i givim.

    Bigpla something em olsem now Mr.Bosip em stap lo han blo law lo deal wantaim em.

    So pasin blo pairap faul nabout lo comments yah inap stopim. Traim lo usim head thinktink na toktok.

  • Castro, there are some good advise you’ve put in there but people being angry is not only because of this one single act. You state that we have laws in place and you kill someone you face the law but is that the case all the time??? People have been getting away with murder by simple compensation. If this incident wasn’t reported or on the media, I am sure, with the kind of money this people have they would have walked away just like that. The law will run it’s cause and I can’t wait for its outcome but I’m glad this uproar is being done by people. This keeps the ball rolling so the people with money do not think they are above the law.

    And your advise for finding love. Are you blind? Some people with money make a girl like she is the only girl in the World thus they end up with them. Have you ever been in love or are you even married? Every individual in a relationship before marriage always treats each other so well there is hardly no telling what sort of evil is within him.
    I am married and nothing about it is the same when I was dating my wife. She gets me mad and visa versa but there is no damn muscle in my body willing enough to lay a hand on her even though I over tower her and over muscle her.

    This guy must have treated this girl so well that they eventually got to living together and had children. Marriage isn’t anything like dating but unfortunately this guy had that in him. I think if he did that (abuse her) during their dating phase, she would have left his sorry ass. So don’t go stating girls should not go for money when dating.

    The better advise should be that man shouldn’t use their money to get woman. Because they try hard with their money to get woman only to talk about it when the lady shows a little bit of resentment to them. They think that their money bought the love

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