Drug shortage in hospitals is a huge concern


THE only place where we get help from when we are sick is a hospital.
This generation will soon be dying out because of no medicine in hospitals, clinics and aid posts throughout our country.
As this happens, prices for medicine in pharmacy stores is high.
Helpless health workers at government clinics are now giving prescriptions for pharmacy referral instead of treating patients with medication.
This is definitely a death call for those of us who are unemployed as we have no money to buy medicine.
Death also awaits those who are back the village where pharmacies re unreachable.
Aid posts at the village are also closed due to problem of no medicine. It is a disgrace to ourselves when we are the host of 2018 Apec meeting last year.
Yet, our hospitals, clinics and aid posts are almost running out of medicine.
Did someone have the guts to raise the alarm during Apec meeting? The Apec meeting was a right time where we, as Papua New Guineans, could have stood up and spoken from our hearts so we could at least get some help from other countries.

Meimei Omole