Education cuts back to save costs

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The National, Tuesday July 16th, 2013

 THE Education Department has banned workshops and tightened measures to keep a proper record of assets.

Acting Education Secretary Dr Michael Tapo has installed strict measures to ensure resources were saved from abuse and being spent in unnecessary areas.

Tapo has issued circulars to department staff that education workshops were banned as too much resources were spent on them without any improvement in standards.

He has tightened measures to ensure proper records of education assets are kept and activities are registered to control and cut spending.

He said the central issue of education was to measure performances and knowledge translation from teacher to student.

Tapo said in the past too many workshops were held and resources used but 

the outcome of those workshops never contributed to developments in the teacher and student learning capacities.

“I am now focussing on the fundamental central issue of the core of education, which we, in education, emphasis on are the teacher and student learning,” he said.

“In my capacity, I will strictly look at addressing teacher training, training practises, master the skills or art of teaching and how well teachers interpret to the students and students understanding.”

Tapo said in order to improve in these areas greater concentration and resources were needed.