ENB police brush aside concerns raised over handling of marijuana

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POLICE in Kokopo, East New Britain, have brushed aside concerns raised by the public over the handling of a marijuana case that was reported two weeks ago.
Provincial police commander Chief Insp Joseph Tabali said the incident reported was a case of misunderstanding between two units that attended the same scene.
“In no way it is tied to the big cocaine case in Port Moresby,” he said.
Chief Insp Tabali said the drug was marijuana and not cocaine as alluded to by the concerned public.
“What occurred two weeks ago was, a suspect boarded a flight from Madang to Lae, from Lae, he arrived into East New Britain,” he said.
“When his cargo arrived, the workers were suspicious and checked two suitcases they noticed him removing from the airport.
“It was then they found a huge quantity of marijuana packed into the two suitcases.
“The female officer at the airport called me and reported they had found drugs in the luggage of a man, I advised her I would send a team from the Kokopo response unit to pick up the suspect and the suitcases.
“Unknown to me, the Mobile Squad unit from Kerevat also picked up the intelligence report and had gone ahead of the response team.
“They told the officer at the airport they were there to pick up the suspect and the drugs, the woman refused but they insisted.”
“So the MS squad moved with the suspect and the drugs into Kokopo town,” Chief Insp Tabali said.
They were met by the response team and the suspect was handed over to them by the MS squad.
“Reports that a reservists pointed a gun at the MS team is false and no such activity occurred, there was no fight, nor, was any guns pointed at each other.
“This is not true and I would like the public to stop spreading rumours.
Chief Insp Tabali claimed two weeks ago the stash was supposed to be transported by sea to Namatanai in New Ireland.
“The street value of the drug is expected to be K62,260,” he said.
“I want to give a big warning to those of you from other provinces who are trying to bring drugs like marijuana into ENB – you must be very careful because police will come down very hard on you.”


  • Chief go ahead, well done, as waira living in East New Britain, praise our good policemen and women here in E N B P for good job.keep it up.

  • Chief Inspector Tabali, have you anything to report about the killing of a police detective in Kinabot? Or are you still investigating the killing of the hard working detective?

  • I think our PPC should be sent to run Warangoi Police Post so that someone with fresh brain take the PPC role in ENB. He seems to run out of ideas.

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