Evacuated students urged to keep calm

The National,Friday July 1st, 2016

ABOUT 300 students from Enga attending the University of Technology in Lae arrived safely in Wabag on Wednesday.
Enga police commander acting Superintendent George Kakas told the students in front of the Wabag police station to remain calm until they went back to school.
Kakas told them that there was a Commission of Inquiry into the students’ unrest in three government universities and Lae police had conducted an investigation into the killing of a student from Southern Highlands last Saturday at Unitech.
“The matters are now before the police and concerned authorities to handle. I do not want any more problems from you students while you are back in your home province,” he said.
Kakas urged them to do some worthwhile things while waiting for their university to resume classes.
He told the students that their education was important and they should not get involved in or do anything that would cost them their education and the hard work of their parents and guardians.
“I want you all to stay with your parents at all times, cooperate with education officers in the province and wait patiently,” Kakas said.
He urged the students to show respect and not to hold illegal gatherings in town that would turn violent like what happened a few weeks ago.
Kakas said Governor Sir Peter Ipatas would meet the students from Unitech in Wabag today to address issues with them.