Explain Biyama’s illness to people


WHO is the doctor responsible for medically treating Middle Fly member, Roy Biyama?
Why can’t the MP be respected and accorded the rest that he deserves rather than continuing more infliction of pain in his body?
He has already had enough pins and needles.
He was in crutches in Parliament last week. He did not look and walk normal which is enough evidence of constant pain.
Please, do an honourable thing.
Tell the people of Middle Fly to announce whether the MP is medically and mentally fit to continue holding public office or he should be declared medically unfit.
The district has been in a coma for a long time now.
Can the parliamentary legal officers and leader of government business explain that as well so a clear perspective is established about the fate of the MP?
What are the set minimum standards and guidelines to hold public office as an MP? Does the Haus Tambaran have them?
If a leader has a prolonged illness and not performing to the expected standard during his term of parliament, what legal advice should be given based on the available medical information?
To all you Middle Fly district sleepers and day-dreamers, why do you continue to keep quiet?
You know that something is not right and you too have not risen up from your slumber.
Wake up now!

Kanaba Dala


  • Went to Balimo few weeks ago. Biyama needs to wake from his long sleep and now illness has caught with him. The whole Balimo town is his. He owns all the buildings and act like a lord in Balimo with many wives. His using people monies to build his shops then bring in Chinese to rent to him. Now he’s building a new hotel or lodge next to Balimo airport. Yet the people are suffering for proper clean water, electricity and roads. Even the Balimo airstrip is a very good one but needs to be sealed. The road from Balimo town past the airport upwards was sealed in 1990s yet Biyama is totally ignorant and lacks visions and mission for the people of Middle Fly. Time to change this greedy leader.

  • He’s time’s up – he’s not the only son of middle fly. He’s medical condition will be the additional reason for replacing him come 2022 elections or even earlier then the next elections (if he succumbs to the medical condition).

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