Female PX pilot lands Q400 safely

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I WOULD like to thank and commend the female pilot for bringing the Q400 (PX 840) to safely at Hoskins Airport last Saturday.
As this is the peak period, the 74-seater plane was filled to capacity with passengers and cargo.
While we were flying between Popondetta and Hoskins, we encountered severe air turbulence which caused several women passengers to scream in fright and others into silence.
As a professional woman travelling in that plane, it made me very proud to hear a woman’s voice assuring the passengers that everything was under control.
I asked a flight attendant who the pilot was and was told “Capt Mati Garet is in charge”.
I felt passengers should have given the pilot a round of applause when she brought the plane down safely at Hoskins.
In some parts of the world, passengers clap when the plane lands safely to show their gratitude.
Well done, Garet, for bringing us to Hoskins safely that day.


Frequent flyer