Finschhafen economic zone


FINSCHHAFEN MP Renbo Paita’s private member’s bill on the Finschhafen Special Economic Zone is creating confusion and unnecessary anxiety among his people.
The ordinary people of Finschhafen have made numerous attempts to get the member to explain to them how they will benefit from the bill, but his lack of commitment to meet his people demonstrates his lack of respect for the people who elected him.
It makes no sense to introduce a bill in Parliament when the people who are supposed to benefit from it have not been consulted.
The ordinary people of Finschhafen believe, based on the content of the draft, that if the bill is passed the Finschhafen Special Authority will no longer be subjected to the laws of the country.
To all the elected members of Parliament, given the fact that you all swore an oath to protect the Constitution and sovereignty of PNG, now is the time for you to demonstrate your patriotism by voting against the Finschhafen Special Economic Zone Bill.

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