Medical research


I CONGRATULATE the Papua New Institute of Medical Research on its 50th anniversary. This is the jewel of medical research in Papua New Guinea, the Pacific and the world.
It was a sad occasion because the event was attended mostly by overseas participants.
The management failed to invite many local institutions, government departments, NGOs and funders.
It was focused mostly on its overseas collaborators and Australia, including accolades towards Australian aid for developing the institute.
There was nothing mentioned about the support from the PNG Government.
The IMR Council chairman announced the appointment of a new director. The vacancy became available upon the departure of the incumbent in December 2016.
It was revealed that the council has decided to invite a strategic adviser from DFAT to help the new director because local researchers were considered incompetent. I agree with that.
Lastly, it is widely known that the membership of five of of seven councillors expired last year.
The Council has not been meeting regularly, so one may conclude that decisions made by the governing council members are null and void.
Lastly, congratulation to our national workforce at the IMR on your hard work and commitment over the past 50 years.

Rongor Lufaee, IMR Alumni

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