Fix roads in 8-Mile


WITH the academic year starting on Monday, students will all be going to school.
While some parts of Port Moresby have improved roads, Moresby North East roads are in poor conditions especially at 8-Mile.
This is a plea to our MP John Kaupa to fix the roads at 8-Mile quickly.
Most PMV buses and taxis are now reluctant to provide services to 8-Mile because of the bad road system.
This will affect school children.
We are challenging you to visit Moresby South electorate and see what Justin Tkatchenko has done with his share of district services improvement programme funds.
He has done well.
Before National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop talks about “Amazing POM City” we urge him and Kaupa to fix 8-Mile roads.
These roads need a permanent upgrade.
We are your voters who voted the two of you into office so that you could improve and upgrade not only the roads but provide other essential services such as erecting markets for mothers to sell just as Tkatchenko has done in his electorate.
Is Kaupa running out of ideas?
Please, do something as the roads conditions are quickly going from bad to worse.

8-Mile resident,