Thank you Marape for headquarters


THANK you Prime Minister James Marape for committing more than K200 million to the new Jiwaka provincial headquarters after eight years of neglect.
For the purposes of transparency and good governance, the Jiwaka government and its management is duty-bound to unveil a full replica of the conversion of some 200-plus hectares of special agriculture business lease land to an urban development lease through rezoning plan with strata titles for public scrutiny.
A suggested amount of K100 million should be set aside for an iconic 4-6 level building complex while the other K100 million be set aside for major civil infrastructure development on main and street road works, storm water drainage, water and sewerage piping and waste treatment plant, installation of power distribution lines into designated residential blocks, shopping centres and other public and private amenities.
A sum K4 million be set aside to settle land transfer into urban development lease under the ownership of the State through the Jiwaka government.
As of the date of publication in this column, if anyone who sees fit to place any form of excessive land payment demand today as a current special agriculture business lease holder or new generation of customary landowners will only invoke the curses of our forefathers who surrendered their land in the first place for tea and coffee plantations to sustain the local communities on cash flow circulation.
That legacy will be rejuvenated through the new provincial headquarters as a new growth centre for the new province under the vision of Jiwaka Governor William Tongamp.