Paita doing great for Finschhafen


I CONGRATULATE my MP and National Planning and Monitoring Minister Rainbo Paita for what he has done for the people of Finschhafen, especially the remote Burum Kuat local level government (LLG).
Finschhafen, unlike other Morobe districts, has more people.
It is the least developed and one of the largest districts in the province with five LLGs catering 84 council wards.
It has coastal and inland constituencies, but, in terms of equal distribution of government services and service deliveries, priority is given only to the coastal areas and inlanders have been neglected since Independence.
I appreciate Paita for the proposed Mindik to Lengbati feeder road which was launched last October.
This much-needed road will boost our morale, economies and social services such as education and health.
It will change our attitudes and negative mindsets.
The road will motivate us to utilise our resources to sustain ourselves.
The rural people will feel the positive effects of real service.
Many of our people have never visited the towns and cities.
They have never seen a truck or a canoe.
So with this new road link, we will have access to see many new places and many new things.
Once again, Paita, I applaud your leadership and honour your duties with pride.
I believe Finschhafen will be transformed into a model district under your administration.

Runnah Ketz,
Via email,