FMPs plan for open office

National, Normal

The National, Friday 24th August 2012

MORESBY Northeast parliamentarian Labi Amaiu and Moresby Northwest MP and Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Michael Malabag plan to urgently establish the open office in their respective electorate in this term of parliament.
Amaiu said his electorate was like a city within a city and needed a proper office to operate and address issues of his people.
He said his electorate did not have a specific office apart from Parliament where people could have access to him.
“My electorate is a big and challenging electorate. My electorate has the country’s largest airport, the doorway of the country, there are so many potholes,” he said.
“Since coming to Port Moresby and living in the city, I can tell my electorate is so challenging I need to have an office of my own so that I address my people’s problems and they can have access to me.
“I want to provide a fair leadership to all my people, I don’t want to help just one ethic group,” Amaiu said.
Malabag, who shared the sentiments, said he did not have an open electorate office and would build one around Tokarara.
“I want to be with my people, I need to eat, talk and sleep with my people,” he said.
“It is bad if I am going to be in my high class world while the people are suffering down there.
“I want to tell the public servants that the time to sleep is over, if I walk the streets of Gerehu you will walk the streets with me.
“You can go and sleep later, I want us to work now,” Malabag said.