Focus on good values and not just resources


WITHOUT good values, our country cannot be developed into a civilised and advanced nation.
Good values are essential pillars that determine the general state of a person, family, community and a nation.
Values are the building blocks or foundation of a prosperous, peaceful and developed society where everyone has a moral responsibility, not only to themselves, but to others in their family and their community as well.
The abundance of our natural resources alone cannot change our status to a developed nation.
What makes a nation great is the wealth of the good values that her citizens possess.
Good values are lacking everywhere in our society, which is not helping our progress towards becoming a peaceful and prosperous nation.
Bribery, stealing and corrupt practices are common everywhere.
Christians should rise up and do their part for good to overcome evil.
There is a great need to propagate and instil good values such as love, honesty, respect, kindness, mercy, generosity and the dignity of labour in every citizen.
The family home is the foundation where acceptable standards should be taught and imparted by parents to their children.
A child learns by observing and hearing and this begins at home.
Children easily learn and imitate their parents who are their first teachers.
If parents conduct themselves well, their children will do the same.
Schools, churches and the media are the other venues where right moral values should be promoted and propagated.
Values determine the rise and fall of a nation.
“Righteousness exalts a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34).
This principle applies anywhere.
If an individual does the right things as a lifestyle, he or she will be exalted.
The same applies to any group, club, institute or business.

Ps Isaac James