Foreign advisers needed in country


ADVISERS, especially from Australia are needed in Papua New Guinea in the face of sophisticated crimes committed in this country by high-profile individuals.
Almost every Government department and institution has issues of corruption.
The Agriculture, Police and Defence departments have many issues of corruption, including stealing, recruitment, discipline, appointment of officers and others.
Some examples include the missing K6 million for Manam islanders’ resettlement for which many high profile individuals are being arrested and the arrest of other high profile individuals for the alleged misappropriation of the Ok Tedi community mine continuation agreement funds and now, the jailing of Alex Tongayu among others.
The conclusion and findings of the Commission of Inquiry into the Union Bank of Switzerland loan deal will reveal whether or not proper processes were followed and if certain individuals benefited from it.
If the loan deal did not follow proper process, then the notion that there has been some degree of corruption at the National Executive Council level is justified.
In relation to this notion, it’s still fresh in our minds how the National Executive had allowed the then-National Supplies and Tenders Board, (now the National Procurement Commission) to tender for infrastructure projects for the 2015 South Pacific Games at exorbitant amounts.
When mostly foreign companies came back to the Government asking for variation fees, they were paid the fees of 25-50 per cent for some of those projects that were worth K250 million to K450 million.
I believe it was around that time the Australian advisers in State departments and institutions were ordered to leave the country in the name of national security.
The enhanced cooperation program for Australian Federal Police to assist our police in addressing corruption and law and order was also cancelled even though the people of Papua New Guinea were generally happy with the partnership.
Foreign advisers are needed in Papua New Guinea to support the efforts of the Government to clean up corruption not only for a better and prosperous future for PNG’s citizens, but also to improve on the nation’s standing in the world corruption index.

Charles Jasari,