Former bank robber becomes a security guard


A MAN who used to rob banks and engage in other criminal activities says he wants to turn a new leaf and work to earn his living.
John Siko-Wel, 42, from Koge village in Sinesine-Yongumugl, Chimbu, used to team up with notorious criminal, the late William Kapris, to rob banks.
He is now married and working as a security officer in the National Capital Distinct.
He said young men who engage in criminal activities should know that there was no glory in it.
“There is no fame in it. You will only spoil your life and cause your mother heartaches,” he said.
He said after leaving school in 1986, he was arrested by police and sent to Barawagi Prison for a string of criminal activities, including armed robbery.
Between 2005 and 2010, Siko-Wel teamed up with Kapris to rob a number of BSP branches.
“I was involved in a number of jail breakouts too and realised it was only adding more jail time to my sentence,” he said. He has fully served his jail term at Barawagi Prison.
“I feel that coming out publicly and apologising for my past actions will encourage others to change from their criminal lifestyles,” he said.
Siko-Wel works as a security guard with Ranger Protection Limited.
Firm owner and general manager Billy Yalu said he had confidence in Siko-Wel as a worker.