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THE response by Prime Minister James Marape and others in positions of authority, towards gender-based violence must be stronger, an official says.
Tessie Tahiti Ranu, the clinical manager of the medical social work department at the Port Moresby General Hospital, which also runs the Family Support Centre, said the responses so far in light of the late Jenelyn Kennedy’s case were not as strong as expected.
She said the injuries sustained by victims of such violence had worsened over the years, with some resulting in deaths.
Ranu said gender-based violence had become a pandemic in Papua New Guinea which must be addressed with urgency by everyone.
“It is a war that is causing a lot of deaths of women,” she said.
“Women are repeatedly coming for counselling – first from a slap, then black-eyes, then broken bones. The systems must help women and children. The systems need to be strengthened.”
Kennedy died last Tuesday allegedly after days of beatings at home. Her partner Bosip Kaiwi has been charged with wilful murder.
Ranu said people working in offices dealing with gender-based violence had the power to effect changes.
For example, the process to get an interim protection order (IPO) or permanent protection Order (PPO) against an abusive and violent partner would take too long, forcing the women to go back to the partner.
She said the centre operated inside the hospital and could only look at those under the age of 18 and women who had injuries.
But the centre also tried to help everyone who walked through the door as much as possible.


  • In deed a louder and louder noise is needed for the convenience of women in PNG. If the other countries can establish a strong system PNG can do it too with support from the Government to take the lead. Tougher penalties must be legalized to safe guard the women and let us not turn a blind eye on these issues. If nothing is done to strengthen the present system sure enough we will be expecting a lot more deaths, broken bones, deformed faces and body. There are many countless unreported issues of women being abused and treated like this, bashed like punching bags, threatened not to report or else they will die, they run to their families and their family cannot do anything? Women in the village, urban, rural, towns and cities are treated with not respect as a weaker partner.

    In support of this call, systems must be strengthened and FSC Offices set up in every Province’s to be well equipped with trained officers who are serious about family and gender violence. When the FSC Offices are set up they must be protected by law to operate as a legal office. The Dept of Community Development is sleeping and not taking the lead in this issues with women. This is the right office to stand up for the rights of the women but has been silent all this time for what reason/reasons we do not know.

    Government must do something as soon as practicable, otherwise the men will continue and get away with this. Enough is enough women, let’s not keep our mouth shut and suffer in silence or hear about our sister, aunty, cousin, in-law and keep quiet and say “it is their business” or “em marit problem blo tupla”, or in case I report and I will be threatened by the husband/boyfriend/partner. The “whistle blower act” must have a clause to protect those who report such acts by men.

    Women have the legal right to leave on this planet earth and not to be treated like there is no place for women to exist in this world. God created the man (Adam) then He created the woman (Eve) because He saw that the man needed a partner”. The man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his women and they shall become one”.

    Hon. PMJM, please I stand in support and in favor with Tessie Tahiti Ranu and plead to your good Government, please do something. Let it not be your sister, cousin, aunty or in-law to be the next victim in next few months.

  • The picture says it all.
    She is standing in front of a fading sign which shows the importance her superiors and/or dept. despite fine words really think about GBV

  • Ms Tessie Ranu has been manning the Family Support Center for a long time. She has helped a lot of people who have entered through the FSC doors – mostly women and children who have experienced some of the worst types of abuse.

    More support needs to be given to assist her in her work in NCD and also around the country.

    God bless, and keep up the good work Aunty Tess!

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