Fund police to address law and order issues


TOMMY Baker was killed at the end of last year.
This year will be a year where criminals and their affiliates will be hunted down and this will eventuate if the Government properly funds the police.
We are happy with the Government for funding the K2 million for the 60-day manhunt for Baker.
We commend the police under the leadership of Police Commissioner David Manning.
Innocent people and business houses cannot continue to suffer.
Baker’s killing should be a warning to other criminals that the police will not give up, they will hunt them down.
Apart from criminal activities, many centres are becoming no longer safe for vulnerable people to move around freely.
Thugs are snatching phones and bags from people.
People are harassed and intimidated.
Some are killed while others are hospitalised just for trying to defend themselves.
The lack of manpower and resources in the force seem to be the popular reason for not properly protecting the people.
People are confused.
Please, fund the police and see what they can do with it.
It is becoming a nightmare for many people to move around freely, they need protection from police and the Government should appoint active commanders and fund this important law enforcement agency.

Jerry Makimta,
Hagen Central