Fundrasing underway to rebuild church


ST Paul’s Lutheran church that has been a small church with a growing number of Christians is embarking on a major fundraising drive to re-constructs its church building.
According to a fundraising working committee, there is a need to expand the current capacity of the church building to accommodate the increasing number of Christians.
Committee chairman Mawe Gonapa said the building was constructed in the 1930s by early missionaries to accommodate a small population of Lutheran Christians at that time.
He said currently, with the growing number of Christians coming to the church today, the church is filled to the brim leaving many squatting on the floors during church services and special events.
The St Paul’s Lutheran church board appointed committee chaired by Gonapa to initiate fundraising drives to raise money to reconstruct the church building.
Church Pastor John Gerel said the committee will be stage a fundraising corporate dinner at the Bird of Paradise Hotel this Saturday evening.
Gerel said invitations were given to church members, leaders in business and government to lend a helping hand by attending the dinner and make pledges.
“St Paul’s church has two other branches in Goroka, they are Kama Messiah church and Genoka Battle church, and are part of the main Lutheran church, but we look after their welfare,” he said.

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