Funds not only for coffee growers in Obura

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your report “Growers still awaiting rehab of coffee crops” in the business section (Oct 23).
There are various misleading information in the article that needs to be put right.
The report indicated that the Government allocated K3 million through the NADP for coffee rehabilitation in Obura-Wonenara district in Eastern Highlands.
However, the money was for coffee rehabilitation in the country and not the above district and its LLG only.
CIC has selected three districts in three different provinces to pilot the coffee rehabilitation programme. 
They are Anglimp-South Waghi in WHP, Kundiawa-Gembogl in Simbu and Obura-Wonenara.
In the latter district, coffee rehabilitation is currently being carried out in Onamona, Barokira, Batanabura and Oekaira areas.
These areas were selected among others in the Obura-Wonenara for the pilot programme as they are economically viable areas, with good roads and easy market access.
We must understand that programmes and issues relating to coffee is very complex in PNG as it involves the coffee gardens of many individual village farmers numbering more than 2.5 million and CIC cannot assist them all in one time.
Further to that, CIC’s view relating to the above matter was not sought.
I would like to invite the reporter to join the CIC staff carrying out the rehabilitation programme for a tour of the above areas in Obura-Wonenara where coffee rehabilitation is taking place to get the true picture of the programme.


Ricky M Mitio