Get qualified teachers


BY now all elementary school teachers should be grade 12 graduates and have a primary school teaching certificate with the elementary school teachers’ certificates.
With the change from Objective Based Education (OBE) to Standard Based Education (SBE), PNG does not want to have similar experiences that it has had with OBE in the past.
Hope the Education Department is proactive and looking along that direction if it has not started.
You reap what you sow so PNG had already seen what it sowed in the last 25 years with OBE and we do not want the same to happen with the current elementary school students. Today’s elementary school students lack confidence as well as their oral language and numeracy skills.
I am speaking from experience by observing the attitude of my child who was in elementary one in 2018. I am scared because the child is still yet to identify her alphabet in a word and do simple mathematics regardless of my efforts to help her.
Teacher ratio to students in lower primary that is elementary school, should be better than upper primary but elementary school teachers do not seem to be doing much because they lack methodology and content.

Peter Akori
Okapa, EHP