Letters in brief


Sports venue misused:
IT is so sad to see the Bowling Club in Boroko used as a drinking spot for the so-called “bowlers” of Port Moresby. All other sporting avenues within are used for their respective sports. However, that particular area is partying away into the early hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings with loud music. I am sure the loud music is not part of bowling. PNG Sports Foundation should look into this and take appropriate actions into maintaining the venue as a sporting venue and not a night club.

Concerned Bowler

Selection system fail:
THE online selection is becoming a concern. I have seen parents complaining about it. Some students who did well in last year’s national examinations claim they were never selected.

Ogagami Amara LK

Unhygenic move:
WE are very concerned for our health and well-being and would like to ask for a relevant authority to inspect Koki Market immediately. The section where cooked food is sold was recently changed and allocated a building next to the public toilet, which is unhygienic and an eyesore to visitors. The decision was made by the management. We are not animals that we will be eating right next to the toilet with blue files and bad odour. Very shameful.