Gone but contributions not forgotten

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, November 30, 2010

THIS year will go down in history as many notable Western Highlanders have left us.
They included businesswoman Maggie Wilson (owner of Haus Poroman), former AOG highlands region superintendent Pr Kundi Pok, businessman John Mangui, journalist Sent Timbi, councillor Daniel Lo Pep, geologist David Yok, businessman and politician Paul Pora and evangelist Pr Joseph Kingal.
Others who contributed to the development of Western Highlands and who passed away included former plantation management agency manager Lapun Poipoi (Tolai origin),professional land valuer and owner of Moody Real Estate Noah Kana (Central origin), SDA’s Pr Paul Piari (Enga origin) and retired provincial bursar Una Kakat (Milne Bay origin).
May God bless you.

Trookz Kangal
Mt Hagen