Govt must explain boo-boo

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 30, 2010

 THE NA government made one of the greatest constitutional blunders in the history of this country and it owes the people of PNG an explanation.

The citizens are fed up with politicians meddling in our constitution and hijacking the parliamentary democracy and process.

Once again our highly respected judicial system must be applauded for upholding such a constitutional breach by parliament by nullifying the governor-general’s election and also for throwing out an appeal filed by the acting speaker.

The Supreme Court must also be commended for dismissing the PM’s referral appeal by the Ombudsman Commission. 

I also call on former GG Sir Paulias Matane not to seek re-election and accept and bow out gracefully to maintain his integrity as a senior statesman.

It is good that parliament will be recalled as per the Supreme Court order.



Steven Supi Palisa

Port Moresby