Graduates need jobs


MANY graduates from tertiary institutions are still roaming around the streets.
If we are already in the 21st century then employment opportunities for our young generation should be available.
I graduated from a technical college.
I have not received any response from the many job applications I have sent.
Look back to the past.
Who were the people that contributed to our country’s development?
I think the right people are those who come out from technical colleges and vocational schools in the country.
I mean no disrespect to other educated elites of the country but I see that technical people are the ones who put the actual effort into bring our nation this far through their sweat.
Please do something to address the issue of unemployment which is ruining many dreams of our youths.
We need jobs.

Apo Richy

One thought on “Graduates need jobs

  • Apo Richy: On Point Bro-We need leaders who can push for to create jobs for New Grads. Gov’t is saying free Education and everyone goes to school. However, It fails bigtime to create job opportunities for New Grads, thus does not make sense at all. Might as well stop education cause their is no job.

    Anyhow, by technical jobs you mean no offence and i can validate it more.
    PNG is a 3rd World Nation, that means is still Developing. Therefore we need people with TECH-nical backgrounds to build this nation. Apparently, Ausie had fail PNG by teaching our forefathers to be teachers and kiaps and maybe nurses. BUT INSTAED THEY DID NOT TEACH US TO BECOME CARPENTERS, MECHANICS, ENGINEERS etc.

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