Harbouring a crime: Police

The National, Tuesday July 12th, 2016

HARBOURING a law breaker is an offence and people may not understand the consequences they will face, Jiwaka police commander Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop says.
He told a big crowd during a surrendering session last Wednesday at Minj Station that anyone found keeping a suspect or an escapee was breaking the law.
Tondop said it was a criminal offence and carried severe penalties.
“You want to protect your relatives or tribesmen from being arrested by police but indirectly you are  breaking the law and police will arrest you if they find out,” he said.
Tondop appealed to the people of Kondika and Kondubuga tribes in Minj to surrender five suspects who attacked a policeman last Sunday in Minj.
Tondop commended the leaders of Kondika tribe for voluntarily surrendering the prime suspect. He also wants the five of his accomplices who remain at large.
“We have the names of the five suspects still at large and anyone accommodating them should voluntarily come out and inform the police to go and get them behind bars,” he said.