Hard work pays off for 156 graduates


ONE hundred and fifty-six students graduated from the Australia-Pacific Technical College in 17 various programmes last Wednesday in Port Moresby.
“This graduation celebrates your hard work and sacrifice,” said Australian Deputy High Commissioner Caitlin Wilson.
Keynote speaker Wilson commended the graduates for their effort.
The APTC started in 2007 and has graduated 2600 students over the years.
Of these 2600, women make up 707, with 33 graduating this year.
The students come from across PNG and have studied at the APTC campuses in Fiji, PNG, Samoa and Vanuatu.
Country manager Brad Shaw encouraged the graduates to continue learning and to apply the skills they have acquired to use.
Students’ representative Akso Moses, who graduated with a certificate in leadership and management, urged graduates to believe in themselves with a positive mindset.
There were four programmes that stood out among other programmes that were usually taught at technical institutions.
These were certificate in community service, certificate in early childhood education and care, certificate in disability and certificate in youth work.
Students graduated in 13 other technical programmes.
Present at the graduation ceremony were representatives from the government, key partners, APTC staff, graduates, families and friends.
APTC chief executive Denise O’Brien told the graduates they had demonstrated courage, hard work and dedication to their learning.
They had achieved an Australian vocational qualification that was recognised nationally and internationally.
O’Brien said graduates had not only acquired knowledge and skills but also professional friendships.
He said research had shown that students graduating from APTC had landed themselves good jobs and had contributed meaningfully to their community and country as a whole.

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