Health policy takes effect this month

National, Normal

The National, Monday February 10th, 2014

 FREE primary health care and subsidised specialist health care policy and regulations have been approved by the government for implementation beginning Feb 24.

Health Department Secretary Pascoe Kase said this at the department’s dedication service last week at Rev Sioni Kami Memorial Church.

He told those who attended the service that a human resource plan was in place to address the critical workforce shortage. 

“The public health sector has seen over the recent years a shortage of medical professionals due to the working conditions. This is about to change,” he said.

He said with the K20 million allocated by the government towards the implementation of free health care and subsidised specialist services policy, many people would be able to afford specialist services that are usually expensive.

Kase said the funding was available but the challenge was with the provincial governments.

He said most of the funding had been sent out to provincial treasuries for rural health services and should be paid to all health facilities to deliver health services free of charge.

He urged all stakeholders involved to manage the funds efficiently and in a transparent manner to help meet the targeted goals for a better health care system in the country.