High school environment unsafe


WHEN we parents send our children to boarding school we entrust our children’s well-being to teachers.
For one particular high school in Morobe, it is a different story where female students are constantly being assault, insulted and threatened during the night in their dormitories by drunken male teachers.
The language used (swearing) is unbecoming of a professional as they call themselves and more so, their family and spouses support them (cheering while their fathers chase and assaulted the students.
For them, the experience is more like being in a prison institution rather than an education institution.
I believe that these certain teachers have chosen the wrong profession as their character shows very clearly that they should be joining the CIS and rather than the TSC.
These are bad apples, which will tarnish the good name of other hard working teachers and if parents decide to take legal action it could cost the state.
So, the rightful authority should step in and investigate this issue and if need be, terminate them.
I believe we have many teachers out there who are willing to give their best in regards to their profession.

Concern parent

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