Hold Rio Tinto accountable


THE news that Rio Tinto has been accused of environment destruction and human rights abuse in PNG (ABC, Sept 29) comes at no surprise after its callous disregard for Aboriginal cultural heritage here in Australia.
For them, profit-making through mega industrial mining is above all else.
It’s an awful shame and brings the capitalist system into disrepute.

Rajend Naidu, Sydney


  • I would not ONLY put the blame on Rio alone. As far as Mining Development Contract is concerned, ALL parties are responsible for the Environmental damage. This means our PNG then provincial & National Gov’t had FAILED to detail the terms and conditions for the operator (Rio) with regards to Long Term Environmental Licensing. This being the case, we can really blame Rio for what happened when Our Own Govts have FAILED to do a proper checks prior to signing the MOU & MOA.

    In the end…Majority will ALWAYS be at the LOOSE end whilst the MINORITY sits on the Golden Benefits of our resources. This has been made SYSTEMATIC in PNG by our COLONIAL Govts.

    Lets all learn a great deal from there and be vigilant with our policies and actions in allowing Foreign Investors to come in. They must come to our New set of T&C for our fair shares and benefits!

    God Bless PNG & ABG!!

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