Provide meals during flights


THE in-flight meals served on Air Niugini and PNG Air have come to a halt since the Covid-19 pandemic emerged.
I was on a PNG Air flight in June from Port Moresby to Lae, and Mt Hagen, a long flight with no food.
Passengers were expecting to be fed but received nothing.
Most of them didn’t get anything to eat in the departure lounge thinking that they would have something during the flight.
I heard them complaining that refreshments should be served for such long flights.
I hope they’re providing meals now. The coronavirus does not spread through food.
Stop this nonsense already!

Misack Ruri
Frustrated traveller

One thought on “Provide meals during flights

  • 100% agree. Besides what does Covid-19 has got to do with serving food seriously????
    PNG deserves better. Covid-19 is a complete World SCAMDEMIC!!! Period>
    Yes i reapet, its a scam–a DECEPTIVE mechanism to control the MINDSET.

    Yes Why?>???—TO RULE THE WORLD and HAVE ONE GLOBAL GOVT–they must first conquer the MINDSET OF MANKIND!!!!!

    If you ask who???? —-The UN, the UNDP, The WHO, the World Bank Group, the IMF, The filty rich individuals such as Bill&Melinda Gates, George W Bush, Obama, the Buffets, The Bezos and Evil Corporations such as Microsoft, The British Royal Family, the Netherlands Royal Families, The Club of Rome, the Papacy—Roman catholic hurhch–is the ANIT_CHRIST!!!!

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