Homebrew use increases, local says

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The National, Friday November 1st, 2013


THE production and drinking of homebrew in Southern Highlands have increased following the ban on alcohol in the province, a village court magistrate says.

Naik Solu from Nena village, in Imbonggu district, said in the past, youths did not have any clue about producing their own alcohol.

But this changed after the alcohol ban was imposed in the province. 

Solu said boys were now selling the home-made alcohol at the Mendi market.

“At first, only a few people knew how to produce steam but today many youths know it,” he said.

“The production has doubled and today it is sold publicly like any other goods on the streets.”

He said even young boys were seen drinking it and that had become a concern to communities in the province.

“You go anywhere and you hear paia wara – that’s what people here call steam or homebrew,” he said.

“A 500ml container is sold for K15 in the villages and at the Mendi market,” he said. 

“A bottle of beer is sold for K10. So many go for the steam.

“I urge young people to refrain from producing the homebrew.”