Hospital facing closure due to water problem

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THE Modilon Hospital in Madang is facing closure because of the water supply problem.
Deputy provincial administrator Markus Kachau said doctors and nurses had raised their concern with the water situation at the province’s biggest hospital.
Kachau said Water PNG had been given until today to restore supply to the town and hospital.
RD Tuna has agreed to supply water to the hospital. The Works department was asked to provide water trucks.
Sister Dianne Liriope said health workers were now compromising their jobs with health standards because there was no water at the hospital.
For example, Liriope said they should be washing their hands after treating a patient and before attending to another. But they can only do that if there is water.
They also fear an outbreak of diarrhoea, typhoid or cholera.
Department heads at the hospital have been given things to come up with before tomorrow’s meeting where they will decide whether to shut down the whole hospital.
Mothers delivering babies at the labour ward had to ask relatives to bring water from their homes to the delivery room to bathe the mother and baby.
Inmates at Beon prison have dug wells. There are 511 inmates there.
Police Sergeant Steven Etna said he transported police officers and their families to the Tapo River last weekend to do laundry and bathe.
“The water situation in Madang is very serious,” Etna said.
Water PNG area manager Patrick Jinimbo could not be reach for a comment.

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