Hospital gets new vehicle

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday 17th November 2011

A BRAND new 10-seater ambulance and a cheque for K55,000 have been presented to Modilon Hospital chief executive officer Christine Gawi by Madang MP Buka Goli Malai.
Malai  made the donation on Tuesday.
He said approval of the funding included LLG presidents of Ambenob, Transgogol and Madang.
Madang district administrator Lawrence Pitor, deputy town mayor and hospital staff witnessed the occasion.
Malai said from the K55,000, K33,000 would go towards buying a PABX communication system and K22,000 for building two security guard houses.
He said his office was aware of other important issues faced by the hospital, including security fencing, and appropriate medical help that needed immediate funding.
Gawi said the much needed help would provide efficient services to the people of Madang.
She acknowledged the issues raised by Malai, saying there was a lot
that needed to be addressed.