House wife declared councillor in SHP

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The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013


A MOTHER of three has been elected as the new councillor for Nipa Station in Southern Highlands.

Glenda Waspen’s victory was announced by Returning Officer  Ambopa Ekai last Saturday.

Glenda, a housewife whose husband Kolen works as a matron for the Nipa Rural Hospital, defeated six male candidates including two-term councillor Elijah Kowon.

She broke the Waola tradition where women were not allowed to give public speeches and generally seen by men as second class people.

According to sidelined Nipa-Kutubu district administrator Robin Pip on Monday, the counting for Nembi Plateau and Nipa local level government is currently held in Nipa station. Counting for Kutubu,

Mt Bosavi and Poroma has been moved to Mendi town at the request of election manager David Wakias.

Pip said polling was conducted in 107 council wards except for the Embi Ward in Nipa because of fighting between the supporters of candidates.

He said the ballot box for Shumbi Ward 2 was destroyed by supporters of a candidate last Friday during polling.

He said in Komea Ward 1, veteran councillor and one-term president Bob Tolip lost his seat to young Donal Piyu.

Pip said Waspen and Piyu were declared last Saturday by Ekai in front of a crowd at Nipa station.

He said the election of Waspen reflected the awareness on gender equality and participation which was opening doors to woman to enter politics.