How to change


The human mind is a powerful tool. How you talk, walk, study, interact and behave depends on how your mind works.
Changing your mindset is a bit difficult but you can manage it if you did not give up.
Many people say that you cannot change your behaviour and mindset because they say it’s inbuilt but I have proven them wrong.
Sonya Carson, the mother of Think Big author Dr Ben Carson, used to tell her son to always trust his brain because he carried it around with him.
In Papua New Guinea, we want development, we want living standard to change, we want this and we want that, and we complain about the government not doing enough but, yet, we ourselves don’t change.
Government can’t do everything we want.
Take the ban on the selling and chewing of betel nut in NCD, for example.
That was a good initiative by NCDC and the government to promote a healthy and safe environment, remove the city’s ugly face and reduce the incidence of cancer, but people still went ahead and ignored the rules and regulations and as a result the money put into the programme was lost.
So, how can you change if you don’t change your mindset? It comes back to you as an individual.
Only you can change your mindset and if you do that and act responsibly then we all can change this country.

Mervin K. Mukul
Millep Ond Dam

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