Identify clans, local says

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013


LANDOWNERS from Semberigi in the Southern Highlands have called on the government to identify clans properly as they would be involved in the new construction of the Southern Highlands-Gulf highway.

The landowners from the Kagua-Erave electorate said they would make decisions regarding the highway.

Spokesperson Tom Wambe said the government had to allow landowners to participate meaningfully and benefit.

He said the people of Semberigi did not benefit financially in terms of employment in the Gobe Oil project or even with the PNG LNG project.

He said the government should not entertain “paper landowners” at Waigani.

“We are tired of people speaking on our behalf,” he said.

Wambe said the state committed K12 million as mobilisation fund for CIVPAC Ltd to start phase one of the road from Kikori to Semberigi on land owned by the Bogasi clan.