Imperative to register as a voter

Letters, Normal

VOTER registration this year will start soon.
It is an important exercise to achieve a fair and impartial election.
This process allows those who have attained the legal voting age of 18 to register and vote in elections.
It also ensures a clean and updated electoral roll.
The existing electoral roll is reportedly marred with duplication and inconsistencies.
This new registration exercise is expected to clean up the roll and ensure there are no double registrations.
Double registrations have allowed people of PNG to return to their home constituencies to vote although they have already registered to vote in the city.
This practice is expected to end under the new electoral roll the Electoral Commission is proposing.
With the process ready to roll out before the 2012 election, the onus is with the public to get registered.
Those reaching the legal age of 18 must avail themselves for registration when officials come around.
This will ensure they can vote in the next election.
For years we have been crying for good leaders and good governance but we fail to realise that good leaders and good governance begin with ourselves.
When we register to vote, we can vote for good people.
If we fail and tainted people are elected, then we have ourselves to blame.
So be prepared to register yourselves as this will allow us to be part of our democratic system.


Frank Goi