Improve access to sanitation


I SUPPORT the research findings by the National Research Institute’s researcher on important tools to effectively mitigate Covid-19.
The emphasis is to improve access to proper sanitation to prevent Covid-19 if there is an outbreak.
The government cannot afford to provide PPEs for its citizens.
But it will greatly help if political leaders provide funding for proper sanitation services including proper water supply to all dwellings without such services.
This option is more cost effective and practical.
It will take time to develop a vaccine to cure Covid-19 globally, but simple prevention measures are important to adopt and prepare beforehand to avoid being hit hard by the pandemic.
I am very disappointed when our political leaders are looking for fancy and most expensive ways to provide measures for prevention, when basic practical solutions are ignored.
If a reputable research institution such as NRI can provide advice, our political leaders should take note.
Political leaders, administrative heads and planners of districts and provinces especially in urban centres and towns should prioritise proper sanitation and water supply for all.

Street Advisor

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