Injia wants courthouse built in middle of town

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CHIEF Justice Sir Salamo Injia has called on the Madang government and town authorities to provide a piece of land in the middle of the town for a court complex for the province.
He said a plan for a complex was submitted to him for funding.
Injia said court houses should be located in the middle of every town and city and not at the side.
“I got the plan, you give me the land and I will build it,” he said.
Injia made the call in the presence of Madang Governor Peter Yama during the opening of the  Madang national court’s ungraded and refurbished facilities on Friday.
He said he would see the certificate of authorisation of occupancy before taking  further steps to have the court complex constructed.
“The complex will be a one-stop court centre for all courts,” Injia said.
The facilities included an extension of the court room, toilet facilities and electronic case docketing system and rolling screens where court diaries roll continuously.
Injia said Madang resident Judge David Cannings requested for the extension and the National Judiciary System Service (NJSS) approved funds for the upgrading.
Cannings said the Madang National Court was conducting proceedings for 97 murder suspects to appear together  and  found the current space restrictive.
He said the court room extension was made due to the case.

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