Isapeas reconcile for a better Gulf

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The National, Thursday 11th April, 2013

 FOR the best interest of the Gulf Isapea franchise, it was time for reconciliation between the new and old management.

It was significant as true Isapea the difference and ill feelings was put to rest and let the crocodiles prepare for the big feast the 2013 Digicel Cup.

This was true moment of brotherhood as former chairman of selectors Jacob Ivaroa with respect and dignity willingly accepted the new board headed by Peter Loko.

Ivaroa took this step to make known that their differences and ill feelings would only destroy the relationship of the board, team management and players including the people of Gulf province.

This was welcoming as former coaches Tuksy Karu, Bobby Ako and team manager Bosco Kose were united with the new board and coaching staff, especially Nigel Hukula, who was hugged as a brother in the camp.

The team management and the players will now concentrate in the training aiming to be in the top five this season.

Isapea board chairman Peter Loko acknowledged the brotherly reconciliation as signifying and unifying for the new and old management to move forward as a team in the Digicel Cup 2013 campaign.

He thanked the previous board headed by Sarea Soi who had set the foundation and now the new board would carry on that with the challenges ahead of them.

Gulf Governor and Isapeas patron Havilla Kavo, Prima director Fabian Chow and Mai Ori also witnessed the reconciliation.