It’s good that Hekari are back: Gunemba


TOTI City FC skipper Raymond Gunemba is ready for another hectic football season.
The veteran striker from Morobe is set to lead the National Soccer League champions on a mission to defend their title and do well in the OFC Champions League in February in New Caledonia.
Gunemba was happy soccer had resolved its issues and factions had come together under one administrative one roof and welcomed the return of champion football club Hekari United as a bonus for the semi-professional competition.
“It’s good that Hekari is back in the NSL because they will make it more competitive as it was in the past,” Gunemba said.
“I also understand that some old clubs like Eastern Stars will be returning as well as some new teams and I am excited about that.
“It’s been a challenge playing in the NSL over the last two seasons but I believe that this time things will be different.”
Gunemba training at the club was good but it would be interesting to see how City competed with several new talents drafted in by coach Peter Gunemba.
“Training is going well, we have sessions in the morning and afternoon and all the boys seem fit and ready for the season ahead,” the former Hekari player said.
“Emmanuel Simongi and Ernest Gwaitep from Besta have joined us and we will have three more national representatives join us.
“Our main focus will be on the Champions League and we will use our NSL matches to get ready but that doesn’t mean we won’t take all our opponents seriously, including Hekari.
“We have senior players like Nigel Dabinyaba, Emmanuel Simon and others to help provide direction for the young players so all is going good so far.”

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