Jesus the medicine, says pastor


A PASTOR has called youths to look to Jesus to deliver them from their problems.
Pastor Adam Basa, pictured, of the Share and Care Ministry Church was speaking after his ordination last week.
Basa said institutions and man cannot change other men from their sinful ways because sin is a spiritual illness that needed a spiritual medicine.
He said that the medicine is Jesus the son of God.
Basa said all the problems happening in the country today were the results of sin and evil.
Basa, who has been a street-seller for five years, challenged youths to hear the call of the Lord and repent.
“There is no satisfaction in drugs, alcohol, prostitution and crime,” Basa said.
“These things lead people into problems. They die at an early age or face problems.
“The real meaning of life is found in Jesus,” he said.
Basa said Jesus will return soon to save his people so youths must turn away from their bad ways and become vessels of God for his eternal kingdom.
“Life outside of God is a struggle,” he said.
Basa is now an ordained pastor at the Share and Care Ministry near Bumayong, Morobe.

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